Ministry of Labour and Rehabilitation​

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Occupational classification and description

It is the system that registers and classifies occupations under job families based on the similarity of the nature of jobs

Technical ladder of skills

It is a general structure used to classify the staff of different occupations based on their


It is the first level of classification that covers a wide range of occupations of similar nature.

Job family

The second level of classification of occupations with sets of main similar occupations under the same sector.

Main occupational group

That is the third classification level. It includes occupations with relevance and similarity under the same job family.

Coding system

It is a numerical system used to express jobs, occupational levels, how it is related to the occupation, to the set of main occupations and to job family within a certain sector.


Intellectual, performance or sentimental knowledge and intra-relationships an employee has and exercises in the course of discharging his / her duties. It reflects the smallest details of the job.


Set of tasks and duties that are discharged by one individual to fill a job vacancy on the job market.


The fourth level of classification that includes similar jobs that are discharges at different occupational levels according to the technical ladder of skills.