Ministry of Labour and Rehabilitation​

Quality Assurance And Professional Certification Center

Objectives of occupational standards

Identify and measure the knowledge and skills required by the worker to perform his work professionally and competently in accordance with the requirements of the work

Occupational standard

– Occupational standard is a detailed standardized description that includes:
– Duties and assignments of an occupation;
– Skills necessary for the occupation;
– Code of Conduct;
– Future trends of the occupation;
– Safety precautions and equipment;
– Steps of discharging duties

Occupational Analysis Workshops

Many members who are discharging occupations in the job market now with experience
of not less than five years are members of the workshops team. Workshops are
delivered for them in a manner that would help achieve the following objectives:
1- Identify the working procedures of occupations in line with how it is practically discharged;
2- Define tasks, assignments and steps of occupations;
3- Define equipment and devices necessary for trainings;
4- Define knowledge related to occupations;
5- Define future trends of occupations;
6- Define code of ethics

There are many curricula that could be followed for the delivery of occupational analysis workshops including occupational analysis methodology. It is an analytical method used to define contents of occupations. Occupations are divided into sets of task and assignments. Then, performance skills and theoretical knowledge to be gained by trainees is defined for quality and efficient discharge of tasks.