Ministry of Labour and Rehabilitation​

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Tests of occupational level

Prepare professional level tests

Test of occupation level is a test that is designed based on the standards of occupational
classification and analysis within certain occupational levels. The objective of
occupational tests is to evaluate theoretical knowledge and practical and behavioural
skills people set for the tests should have to discharge their tasks and assignments at
work. The test is made of two parts; theoretical, which represent the first part of the test
with the objective to evaluate behavioural and knowledge objectives, that is, theoretical
and technical information of the applicant that is necessary to discharge tasks according
to the occupational classification. The second part is the practical test with the main
objective to evaluate practical behavioural objectives and conducts applicant should
have to carry out his / her job assignments according to occupational classification.
Employee who successfully passes the test will be granted a certificate in recognition of
qualification and occupational level. That serves as an incentive for more development
of skills for the achievement of higher occupational level.